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Raw Milk Herd Shares

Raw Milk Herd Shares

A2 Organic fed  Raw Milk Herd Shares 

available May, 2020.


A2 Organic fed  Raw Milk Herd Shares 

available May, 2020.

About Us

Mark and Vickie Deeter Family


We have been in this community for our entire life . We have 5 kids Alaina, Brooke, Grant, Luke and Drake Deeter. We have lots of Farming Experience. Our Goal is provide Quality products and educate the community about Raw milk and other delicious foods.

A Healthy Choice


Raw Milk from Healthy Happy Cows has its own immune system.

How the Herd Share program works


A Share is bought like stock in a company.

One share will cost $50 one time fee for life.

One share will guarantee you a gallon of  milk every week.

There will be a boarding fee of $35 a month per share. Half shares are available.

We will also be making yogurt and it will be available to purchase only from share holders as a value added product.

Glass half gallon mason jars will be available to purchase at our cost . We need you to purchase enough to keep empty labeled jars at the Dairy to fill and full ones at home. You are responsible for washing your own jars .We recommend rinsing them right when they are empty , then when you wash them make sure they are completely dry before putting the lid on.

To learn about raw milk and it’s benefits  watch these videos: Dr.Josh Axe: Real Milk Good or Bad. 

Any Dr. Mercola videos on raw milk.

Any Dr.Winter videos on raw milk.

We appreciate your interest and your business, any share holder can come see the cows and visit. We want to be transparent, we are trying to provide the best possible milk available. We would Love for you to tell others so we can grow this and provide Healthy food choices for the Community.

We are close to Troy, Tipp City, West Milton, Covington, Pleasant Hill, Greenville.

If there are Large groups in an area we may be able to work out some deliveries. If yourself and your neighbors all get milk you could take turns picking it up . We are open to suggestions. We are about 6 miles west of the Idle Hour petting zoo.

We will have a contract to sign , we have to get enough customers to start so please spread the word. Get your name on the list call us and email us ASAP. 

The Mark and Vickie Deeter Family Thanks You!


Files coming soon.

Contact Us

5 Star Jersey Dairy

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